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Shape Your Tomorrow

We have been brought up to believe that educating our children is the key to securing a brighter future, that we should be the change we wish to see in the world, and that charity begins at home. These lessons are the inspiration for Tell a Tale Book-Club.

Living in a disadvantaged community has its challenges. Nhlakanipho Wiseman Njeke, Jabulani Project volunteer, law student, and Tell a Tale chairperson, grew up in such a community, plagued by crime and other social issues. But instead of becoming another victim of the system, Nhlakanipho decided that employment would be a vital factor in building a better South Africa, and that enjoyable grassroots education is an integral part of the solution. Whilst the initiative started in Inanda, he wants it to spread throughout the country, encouraging learners to overcome their social challenges and creating strong relationships.

“Looking at our communities today, we acknowledge that the government has started the process of improvement, but there is still much work to be done” commented Nhlakanipho. “As a team, we are working towards shaping the futures of our young brothers and sisters. Through reading novels and engaging in group discussions, we are improving children’s literacy and communication skills, helping them gain a better understanding of people and the world, and ultimately working with them to build a wiser society. The programme is designed for primary school children, and also aims to include their parents and guardians, enabling them to continue facilitating the children’s growth at home.

“We want to encourage volunteering from within local communities, as well as utilising the skills and expertise of international volunteers. From an early age, we hope that our children from disadvantaged backgrounds can be inspired by those who have fought for us to have the educational opportunities that we have today. We hope to help them develop a love for their learning, tackling social issues like teenaged pregnancy, drug use, and school dropout, and help them gain the skills and relationships they need to visualise and realise their future.

“I would like to thank the Jabulani Project for their financial and moral support. Together we have achieved so much more than would have been possible alone. I am grateful for all the trust they have placed in this initiative, and I wish to continue this fruitful relationship into the future.”



Isolezwe 2017 Photo Gallery

Children's sleeping room inside
Children’s bedroom inside
Children's sleeping room outside 1
Children’s bedroom outside
Children's sleeping room outside 2
Children’s bedroom outside
New bathroom 1
New bathroom
New bathroom 2
New bathroom
New shower facility
New shower
Outside before
Outside: before
Outside after
Outside: after
Children playing on new floor 1
Children playing on new floor
Children playing on new floor 2
Children playing on new floor

Projects – Summer 2017

Jabulani empowers many local projects and organisations through volunteering and financial support. We also act as a network and facilitate mutually beneficial connections. Organisations with whom we work include schools, soup kitchens, children’s homes, and those supporting homeless and abused children.

Here are the seven main organisations we currently work with:

Operation Bobbi Bear
Bobbi Bear is a caring project that works with child rape victims. They meet every Saturday at the Tree of Empowerment in Illovo. They provide the children with some basic food and clothing donations, but more importantly they create a safe, comforting environment. In this respect, they function partly as social counselling, letting the children open up and tell their stories, and partly as a play group, allowing the children to “forget” what has happened and be children again, at least for a while.

Corner to Corner
Corner to Corner is a sport-based development project for boys living on the street in central Durban. It meets once a week and teaches them life skills through the medium of football, basketball, and drama activities. The heads of the project, Sihle and Sox, give the children brighter prospects for the future. Through connecting with the project, the kids are more likely to care for themselves, not fall into gang life and criminality, and be proactive in trying to find opportunities to get off the street.

Isolezwe Care Centre
Isolezwe is a children’s care centre in KwaMashu township. It relies on Jabulani for funding and support as it does not currently qualify for government aid. The small team look after 20-25 children up to the age of 4. Over the past few years, Jabulani have completely refurbished their site to make it secure and to improve the health of the children. They are currently restructuring the site to create new washing facilities and separate rooms for the boys and girls to sleep in, on top of stimulating the children with nursery lessons that give them a head start in school.

Masibambane is a home for disabled children in Umlazi township. They provide morning, evening, night, and weekend care to children with a wide range of physical and mental disabilities. Jabulani has improved site accessibility, making it safer for the children to move around, and are planning to create a wet room, where the children can wash. We have enhanced the children’s sleeping areas, helping keep the children physically healthy and mentally stimulated.

Based in a Jabulani-purchased freight container near Durban’s port, Sletokuhle is a soup kitchen that feeds up to 150 homeless and needy people 2-3 times a week. With their new freezer and open gas stove (also provided by Jabulani), they produce fresh, hot food with little waste. We are working hard to increase their funding from local sources so that they can produce meals more regularly and expand their setup to provide washing and cleaning facilities for its users. They also run an after-school club for children from a local hostel.

Wiseman’s Book Club
The book club is an after-school activity for 9-10-year-olds based in a joint primary and high school in KwaMashu township. It was set up with the aim of helping children with English language, literature, and understanding. It emphasises the underlying importance of learning, encouraging the children and the surrounding community to read for enjoyment.

Embizweni High School
Embizweni High School is situated in E Section, Umlazi, which is an area of the township known for crime and drug use. The new principal is Mr Khuboni, formerly of Zwelibanzi High School. He is attempting to raise the level of the teaching and turn the school around, thereby improving the children’s life prospects through changing their mindsets towards education, and showcasing the positive opportunities that it provides.

The Small Steps Along the Road to Empowerment

Imogen Lowe

Working with Jabulani has been one of the best things that I have ever done, though it was not always easy. If you are thinking about going travelling with a bit of volunteer work on the side, do it. But Jabulani is not the organisation for you! However, if you want to feel like you are making a difference in everywhere you work and help people develop with everything that you do, then Jabulani is the place for you.

My 3 months in South Africa was worth it. The country is beautiful and the people that you work with have absorbed that beauty into their hearts. Dedicated, compassionate, and strong willed they are all succeeding in making leaps forward in a country where their vision is not shared.

It is not possible to fully describe the true impact of the work that is done. The Warriors (Jabulani Volunteers) are willing to take on anything, big or small, as long as it will empower the people it is done for: from giving children materials to aid learning, to building homes and care centres, to helping street children back onto a better path through education and sport. Things that feel like nothing to us living in the comfortable developed world are everything to these people, and the gift of kindness makes it all the more valuable.

The work was mentally, rather than physically, draining. Everyday had its challenges and more often than not there was a fair number of problems to solve along the way. Time keeping, like in the rest of South Africa, will never be Jabulani’s strong point. But be prepared and adaptable and then there will be openings for you to work and also to expand the ever dynamic project. As the time roles on (too quickly), seeing the differences in the projects is the only reward and driver that you need to carry on.

By the end of my time I was prepared to carry all that I saw and did with me on my journey home. As I am writing this and thinking back I still do not think that I truly realise how lucky I am to have had this experience and to now call these amazing people friends.

Even though you take this time out of your life in order to help others, it will leave its own mark on you. A mark that will carry you as you move forward, growing with you and guiding you onwards in life.

Keep it up and give it all you have got my friends. Together we will see the light. But until then, keep giving your heart, mind and soul – don’t stop.

Jabu’s Primary School
Wiseman’s Book Club
Embizweni High School
Isolezwe children

We’re looking for a new Treasurer!

Are you passionate about relieving poverty and empowering the South African communities? Do you have a strong financial background and interest in helping others? We’re looking for an enthusiastic, financially literate team-player to join our Board of Trustees and help us continue to be there for the South African communities.


What you will be doing

  • Playing a vital role in the leadership of Jabulani, particularly in helping the Board decide the financial strategy of our Charity
  • Liaising with the CEO and Board Members with regard to financial issues, advising and guiding them around the financial best interests of the Charity
  • Running the day-to-day financial operations of Jabulani including banking, liaising with donors, collecting Gift Aid forms and supporting fundraisers
  • Providing yearly financial reporting in form of the Annual Return
  • Most importantly of all, helping us to relieve poverty, develop communities and advance education in South Africa


What we are looking for

We’re looking for someone who is knowledgeable about numbers, a clear communicator and committed to the values of Jabulani. You will have a proven ability to interpret key financial and management information in straightforward terms to your fellow trustees. Financial experience and accounting education would be an advantage.


What we are offering

Being a Treasurer of Jabulani is an exceptional opportunity to make a real difference for some of the poorest of South Africa’s children. We would welcome you to our passionate team of volunteers striving together to empower individuals and communities in Durban, Umlazi and Illovo. It is also an opportunity to gain meaningful financial experience in running a registered Scottish charity with a turnover of just under a £100,000. We are offering full guidance and induction process for the new Treasurer.


Please note: This is an unpaid role, although expenses will be reimbursed.


How to apply

Please send your CV and a short personal statement to Your personal statement should include why you’d like to be Treasurer of Jabulani and what you feel you could contribute to the organisation.


Click here to download the advert

The Ngomas

The Ngomas are an organisation in Soweto specialising in music and dance. Their aim is to work with schools and young people to reintroduce the lost knowledge of the Khoisan traditions. In the article below they describe their aims and activities.

The organization aims to highlight the forgotten aspects of life which is identity, culture and traditions. There is a role and an importance of self-realization through indigenous music and instruments, and to preserve and restore the musical elements which are fundamental in today’s arts. The instruments will give us an opportunity to reach as many kids and as far as we can in sharing this knowledge and skills as well as giving education and experience in African indigenous music and instruments.

We will once again and forever thank you for your support, Alex Wallace, Jabulani Project, Frances Benton and the spirit of the late Richard Grout. We are now confident enough to can face some of the challenges even more proud to can say, we now have a project.

The funds helped us to archive many things and it also gave us boost to go an extra mile and to can see, learn and know new things about the industry. With your help, we have managed to achieve the ability to source other means of support, instruments, tax registration and paperwork, a company stamp, costumes, and branded T-shirts (see the pictures below). We are also currently working on a website. Our two departments here in South Africa, both the Department of Education and the Department of Arts and Culture, saw gold in this project and they will love to be part of it in this near future. Therefore we thank you as all of this wasn’t going to be possible without you.

Warm regards,

The Ngomas

Ntuthuko Cele’s New House

Yesterday we built this tin house for a young man in Umlazi, Ntuthuko Cele! He is now going to have his private space where he will be able to study with no one disturbing him – he is doing matric this year and it was not easy for him sharing a two room mud house with 6 members of his family.

“Thank you Jabulani” he said with a smile on his face!

Lindo Shezi

Edinburgh Wine & Cheese Tasting Fundraising Evening!

Moira McFarlane
Spoon, Edinburgh
Friday 31st March 2017
Well… What a night!
Great turn out, great wine, great cheese!
We started the night off with a brief introduction from Simon at Great Grog wine who was hosting the evening. Jabulani front-man Alex Wallace then talked about the Project to explain to many of the audience it’s aims and goals, and exactly why we were there raising money. Many of the people there were unaware of Jabulani and its local link with Edinburgh, so it was great to introduce the charity to a wider audience.
Simon kicked off the wine tasting. He has just returned from SA on a wine buying mission, so had many stories and much knowledge to tell. Six wines later we all felt far more confident with our wine knowledge! From cinsault to pinotage, we are now EXPERTS! Big thank you to Simon for the education!
Simon then assisted in the handing out of raffle prizes. A big big thanks also to the wonderful local businesses large and small who donated, including Filmhouse and Festival Theatre tickets, a Jenni Douglas print, Century General Store goodies, Mark Murphy fruit basket and beer, Campervan Brewery beer gift set, and the list goes on…
We raised a mighty £1003! What a great way to raise money for Jabulani. The next fundraiser is being planned as we speak due to popular demand. I shall keep you posted!