We couldn’t do it without you!

Jabulani is grateful to all those people who donate and whose generosity makes our work possible.

We would like to acknowledge the groups of ladies, the WI members, and other donors who support the jewellery talks that Frances Benton gives on pearls, across the UK. Her net profits are donated each year to Jabulani and we cannot express our gratitude enough to those who buy her jewellery and therefore allow her to raise funds for us. Your generosity helps some of the poorest of South Africa’s children and we hope that makes wearing your pearls all the more rewarding. Thank you!

Jabulaniahoy is a group of companies and individuals involved in the construction and engineering industry in Scotland and the North of England who have come together to support the Jabulani’s work. They have enabled us to construct eight tin houses for homeless families and young people in Umlazi, as well as supporting the work of Corner 2 Corner. Their money also helps provide access to higher education and to gain driving licences, opening up job opportunities for unemployed and disadvantaged youngsters from townships. Additionally, the Jabulani SA team are able to hold meetings in Arup’s Durban offices free of charge. See our newsletters for more on the great work we have been able to achieve with their help.sponsors-1